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Cosmo is a registered trademark of SGM (Private) Limited (“Sohrab Group”). Sohrab Group is a rapidly growing business group based in Pakistan with significant international operations. The Group employs hundreds of dedicated staff members worldwide.


The business operations of the Sohrab Group currently encompass four business sectors: import, wholesale and retail distribution of consumer products, global marketing, communications and information technology and construction and development of properties, both inside and outside of Pakistan. The major companies in the Group includes


Sohrab Global Marketing (Pvt) Limited,

Future Connect (Private) Limited,

Euro-Mart, Dynoshells,

Euro Gulf Trading

Cosmo Properties


The Group has warehousing facilities in various regions including the U.K, Middle East and Pakistan and not only represents over thirty-two (32) of the world’s leading brands including American Garden (U.S.A.), French’s (U.S.A.), Ceres Fruit Jucices (South Africa), Gullon Confectionary (Spain), Gyma Spices (France), but it is also responsible for manufacturing its own brands including Charm Air Fragrance and La’Fresh Toiletries (U.K.)


The Group name has been respected in Pakistan for over thirty-five (35) years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics. Founded by Sohrab Khan Malik in 1989, the Group takes credit for pioneering such facilities that Pakistan had never witnessed before: retail outlets, state-of-the-art logistics, warehousing facilities and a superb distribution network and recently with the inception of Cosmo Cash & Carry in 2008, the Group has unveiled the largest national wholesale store within Pakistan.


Going forward, the Group is focusing on new technologies and innovation to drive its business in Pakistan and internationally. The Group aims to build a series of world class, world scale businesses in select sectors. Anchored in Pakistan and wedded to its traditional values and strong ethics, the Group is building a multinational business, which will achieve growth through excellence and innovation, while balancing the interests of its owners, its employees and the wider society.


Sohrab Group Companies and Trademarks


SGM (Private ) Limited is one of the most prominent and well-reputed fast moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) company in Pakistan, established since over twenty-five (25) years. Our state of the art distribution network is responsible for making local deliveries of over 12000 FMCG items to approximately 6,400 customers nationwide.


Future Connect (Private) Limited is one of Pakistan’s leading wireless Internet Service Providers. Future Connect launched its operations in 1998 and since then has grown both in size and stature and offers various high speed, cost effective methods for access to the Internet world.


Euro-Mart marks the penetration of the Sohrab Group into the consumer industry of Pakistan. This was a small scale final pilot project for the final inauguration of the larger scale Cosmo Cash & Carry.


Dynoshells came into existence in light of the increase in natural disasters globally and the construction boom in the Middle East. The Dynoshells product line is based on Pre-Fabricated Housing and Commercial Structures and has grown rapidly in the last few years. In 2006 alone the company obtained a turn over of US$ 18 Million.


Euro Gulf Trading A portfolio of high quality FMCG products has proved to be very attractive to international buyers as all our goods can be adapted to suit specific markets anywhere in the world.  Based in the U.A.E. the team stock a wealth of product ranges, which enables them to instantly react to customer requirements.


Cosmo Properties is the property development and construction arm of the Group. It has successfully completed projects worth over Rs. 2 Billion in the last four (4) years. The Group has also made investments is real estate projects in UK and Dubai currently valued at approximately US$ 35 million.